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Vaughn Library Hall

The Vaughn Library Hall is the only remaining original meeting hall on the Key Peninsula.  Built in 1893-1894 it was used by the people of Vaughn for every social and civic event involving more than 2 families.  And, after the first high school for the Key Peninsula was built nearby (the current Civic Center) the Hall served as the venue for their school dances, plays and other celebrations for many decades.

Vaughn Library Hall circa 1910

Vaughn Library Hall circa 1910

The Hall was closed in 1957 and sold in 1958 to become a residence.  Since 2012 it has been unoccupied and when we acquired it, in 2016, it was in a dilapidated and run down condition.  Currently we are completing its restoration and returning it to its former glory so we can share both its story and the story of all the other meeting halls that were out here, for future generations.

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